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In search of the greatest EDC folder!

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David in MN:
I own 2 SOG Tridents. I recommend the tanto model. It's a medium tough beater. I don't feel bad using it. I wouldn't recommend the concept but I hear gluing down the safety might be a good idea...

There's a million great knives out there. I prefer (but protect) my Kershaws. My brother in law has some massive lockback he got in Germany that he uses as a beater/hunter knife. I'd keep it in a glass case.

Lots of good knives out there.

I have a "custom" mini griptilian I ordered off Benchmades site.

It has a D2 steel sheepfoot blade with a thumbhole.  D2 tool steel is pretty rugged and I like a sheepfoot style blade on a EDC because the tip is not as prone to breaking when using it as a prybar.  The large thumbhole makes one handed opening easier.

I choose high vis florescent green G 10 handle scales.  I feel brown, forest green, camo or all black handles on a EDC workday knife don't make much sense..if you drop a knife in a pile of leaf litter or on the bottom of a stream you want it to stand out so you can find the damn thing not blend have it blend in.

Finally I think that the axis locking mechanism it had is one of the strongest most reliable folding mechanism available.

Anyhoo thats my personal choice for a EDC.

The title has "greatest" in it.

Strider is the "greatest" qualities I have experienced.

The "greatest" I have carried personally would be my Surefire Charlie.

I picked up an SOG Trident.  I don't think it's the best... but it's very good... light... sharp out of the box and is spring assisted.  I don't like the way it is done though I think putting a little tab on the back is a better way to go but that is just me...  :)  I wanted the spring assist and this was the best quality knife I could find that had it but I suspect I missed some stuff.....

The "greatest EDC" is going to be entirely different for a Doctor or Lawyer and the guy that drives a bulldozer or an EMT.


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