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Steve Cover:

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I know there are other topics that are like this on here but I thought I would refresh and look for new feedback.... whats new and good what old and true..



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Hi Shaun,

Like what already has been asked… What reason are you carrying it?

For many years my EDC was a Buck 110 Folding hunter.
I roughed up the left side of the blade so I could open it one handed.

Easy access was a problem until I had my wife sew a sheath to the inside of the right rear pocket of my jeans.

The design allows full use of the pocket and presents the knife for easy reach without having to play with snaps or a flap.

As you can see, it was used as a tool not a weapon.

This configuration proved very handy,

For the few times I carried a knife for protection instead of my 357 Magnum, a different knife was chosen.

This is the full size Applegate/Fairbairn folding fighting knife.

The Applegate has a thumb knob on the blade and is easy opening.
Once open there is a locking mechanism that keeps the blade locked in the open position.

When I wore this knife, I also wore a light weight Jack-Shirt that covered my rear pockets.
This way I was not advertising that I had a knife but a quick swipe of the hand could bring it out in a hurry if need be,



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