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In search of the greatest EDC folder!

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My EDC is a Gerber EAB razor knife that I bought originally when Jack reviewed it a couple years back. I use it all the time. I like having a razor sharp blade that is easily changed when dull or gunked up. It is small too, so it is always in my pocket. I did a review of it on my blog

I agree with all those who have said it depends on your needs. A knife is a tool, so an Every Day Carry should be whatever best serves your typical needs.

For me, having a lightweight, compact knife with a moderate length blade balances its utility with comfort and discreetness. I work in an office where pocket knives are allowed, but a 6" fixed blade probably wouldn't go over too well...

I've carried a Gerber Paraframe I for 6-7 years now. The carved out frame makes it unnoticeably light, and the half-serrated 3" blade is pretty much all I need. The ambidextrous thumb peg and blade lock design make one-handed opening and closing easy, and for $16, I'm not too concerned if it gets dinged up.

As a plus, it fits perfectly in the loop on the right hip of Carhartt B151 pants, which I wear probably 200 days a year.

     The best survival knife, of any description, is the one you are always carrying. It's the one you will use when the chips are down, just like an EDC flashlight or EDC firestarter. Any survival item that you can afford and always carry, is better than one you can't afford or leave at home. There will never be one "best" survival item because the situations you find yourself in will be different and will "best" be handled with different items. If you're lucky, and can tuck some basic multi-use items and simple tools in your pockets, wallet and on a key chain, you will be miles ahead of the unprepared. I try to be more general in my EDC and carry what might be useful in the most common scenarios. 

Don't laugh...but it is a GERBER-Bear Grylls SCOUT. It is half serrated blade,thin in the pocket,and feels good in the hand,easy to sharpen and EASY TO FIND with it's orange accents on the handle. PLUS I use my knife and at under $20 ,I won't cry if I break or lose one...I have several in different kits ,boxes and drawers.


--- Quote from: Mortblanc on January 24, 2014, 11:01:01 PM ---The "greatest EDC" is going to be entirely different for a Doctor or Lawyer and the guy that drives a bulldozer or an EMT.

--- End quote ---

Back when I was dressing like a doctor every day, I carried the small Buck Vantage because it carries low and discretely.  Now, despite being able to dress like the guy driving a bulldozer, I'm still carrying the Vantage, usually in the large size.


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