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Location, Location, Location

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Hey Jack.  I've been listening to you for a couple of weeks now.  I ran across your show in itunes; I searched "survival" and your show popped up.  I've downloaded all of your shows and am catching up with past shows since the beginning along with staying up to date with your current shows.  You're doing great work.  Keep it up!!

I'm wondering if you can do a show (or if you've done one) on location.  Where in the U.S. is the best place to live for survivability?  Please address this from the economic side (where are there good jobs, low taxes, low cost of living), the "living off the land" side (hunting, fishing), and "outside influences" side (such as weather influences, living close to military bases, etc). 

Thanks for all of the work you do, and I look forward to hearing what you've got to say about this topic and others that you come up with. 


TMAC, Glad you joined!  When I found Jack's podcast, I did almost the exact same thing.  I searched for "survival podcast" and he was at the top.  Been listening ever since the 6th episode or so.

I think it may be difficult for Jack to recommend one or even a handful of places.  However, he may be able to recommend "types" of places or what an ideal or semi-ideal location would have as attributes.  Plus, each person may have different thoughts on what makes a location more "survivable".  For some, it may be having plentiful game to hunt.  For others, it may be prime for fishing.  Still others may require fertile soil to live off the land.  I think the best would have all of these, but who's to say where that is.  Just like everyone has an ideal vacation spot, everyone's concept of an ideal place to live for survivability will vary.  =-]

I have sort of in my show

Making the Move from City to Country Living -

It covers some of those issues but not all, great suggestion and anyone with input please post it here so I can use your input when I get to that show.  And Dan is right it is highly personal and related a lot to what you want and what resources you have.

It's just a guess here, but I think I would start looking at the poorest counties in any given state.  That set of demographics is pretty easy to find. 

I've got a list of sites that I use in my job that useful. - This is the ACCRA cost of living index.  This is a site you need to subscribe to, but it has really good info about the cost of certain things in specific cities in the US. - This is the US Department of Labor's Cost of Living site and is one of the sites that ACCRA gets it's info from - This is the US Department of Labor's Wage information site.  This gives the average income for a lot of different jobs for all 50 states and is useful to compare how your industry is fairing wage wise in other states.

Also, I know I've run across an interesting site in the past that showed good and bad points to living in certain areas across the nation; it even gave a top 30 list of places to avoid because of certain risk factors, such as seismic activity, floods, hurricanes, etc.  It even suggested some cities to avoid because of proximity to missile silos.  If I run across it, I'll post it. 

I think that knowing certain specific sites, such as NOAA for weather related issues, isn't a bad idea either.

This topic has been on my mind a lot and so I'm starting to research it on my own.  Hope this info helps. 


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