Author Topic: Read Before Flagging a Topic For Deletion or Notifying An Administrator  (Read 10928 times)

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Because this forum is an 18 and over venue, we're inclined to allow some things on the boards that we might not otherwise if children were allowed to participate.

If you personally find something offensive, in poor taste or otherwise don't like it, you may exercise your option to hit the back button, or jump to another board.  Because of a recent increase in reported posts that people don't particularly agree with, or personally find offensive the Administrators/Moderators have been having discussions about what actions to take.

Any reported post will be taken on a case by case basis.  We're not necessarily going to delete a post because someone doesn't like it.  By all means report it if you feel you need to, obviously we're still going to take action when pornography or racist posts occur, what we're not going to do is start, or continue to delete threads just because someone doesn't like it.  If you report it & we don't take action you can assume that the topic or post in question has been discussed & we've decided to let it stand. 

We're not going to perpetuate "Political Correctness" or censorship on this board.  We're all adults & we all have the ability to "change the channel".  It's no different on this forum, move on if you don't like something & it doesn't violate our Terms Of Use And Policies.

The Admins/Mods will retain sole discretion to decide what is deleted or removed.
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