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Epi-pen re-use


One epi-pen contains 2ml of epinephrine 1:1000, and delivers only 0.3ml. The remaining 1.7ml is enough for 3-5 more doses. The article after the link describes how to get to the remaining medication in the pen. Doing this is probably a violation of Federal law..... but you can weigh the risks and benefits in a survival situation!

Forgot to clarify, adult dose is 0.3mg to 0.5mg. Pediatric dosages range from 0.01mg/kg (never to exceed the adult dose) to a flat 0.15mg depending on your location. Epinephrine from Epipens should never be given IV, as it is in a 1:1000 concentration for IM use. In addition, the SQ route of administration we were taught in the past is now falling by the wayside. The current belief is that IM administration is more effective than SQ.


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