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Question for the mods: promotional materials and media for the site.

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Nice looking card.  Great job (And I love the All Black and White, very catchy).

If you could do a couple 2 or 3 models with a few minor changes. 

I know lots of people who would be interested, but as soon as they see the word "Survivalism" they'd shut down immediately.  Perhaps put in "Personal Preparedness" on one model. 

Might even catch of few of the "Greenies" with a word like "Sustainability" or "Green Living".

Just some minor suggestions.  I'm gonna steel your card by the way, i'm just too lazy busy to do one of my own.  ;D  What format did you build the original in?  Was it PDF or converted to PDF from another format?

Thanks and +1 for the work.

I just threw it together in Photoshop. It's all I have in terms of publishing until I get home tonight.  I can work up a few types of cards, but if it directs them to, eliminating the word survivalism is kind of a moot point. Perhaps a better route would be to describe on the card what it means within the context of the show. Some generic marketing might work well too. I'll see what I can come up with.

LOL, I just ran across a picture online that was perfectly suited.  I can take no credit (or blame) for it, but since this topic was fresh in my mind, I had to use the pic. I've often suspected that Somalia was the ass hole of the world, here's proof.

Click for full color 8-up sheet, 300dpi 8½"x11" full bleed w/ cutting guides

Sister Wolf:
Good job, ILW! :)

Not moot, Its semantics, unfortunately some people are not open minded enough to understand survivalism beyond "Gun toting, apocalyptic crack pots"  and no matter how much we know that is not the case, if I can get that person to listen to a podcast or coming to the site before passing that judgment, i'll have a convert.  But if they just toss the card because they see that word, then its all lost.  (And in their mind the site is spoiled and they will never go check it out in the future).

All we need is that tiny grain of interest or spark of curiosity to get someone here.  Once they are here, the site and community does the rest and they will probably be preppers for life.  This place sells itself, Jacks podcasts coupled with the forum community are a hard combination to ignore.  If we can just get someone here, the hard part is done.

PM me and i'll get you my email if your willing to send me the PSD file.  I'll make edits myself for the different types of people I want to pass the card to. 

Thanks again for doing this great piece of work.  Anything we can do to keep this snowball rolling and getting bigger is good for everyone.  (Not just us, but the grasshoppers around us who may benefit from us in a crisis).



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