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I am not so much the nut now. My sister accidentally made a small but deep cut in-between the ring and middle fingers while preparing food on Thanksgiving. I had just showed up right after she cut herself.

She was holding a towel on it over the sink. I drop my murse pull out my tiny FAK and tossed her a clean handkerchief and told her to apply pressure. She did not want the gauze for some odd reason. I then took her to the ER to get stitched up. The whole family looked at me like wow he is ready.  ::)

I asked my sister where her stuff was and she said she had a FAK in the car. I told her yeah well I have one in my room, BOB, GHB (murse), and car. Get one for your apartment!

The ER was interesting. Nobody was there yet, but they were telling us many people will show up for stitches. It seems many people make accidents carving the turkey.

Anyway, I am beefing up and replenishing what I carry. I just wanted to share my experience and figured this was the right spot on the forums.

Lastly, pack a FAK at all times!


Kudos to you for demonstrating good preparedness for your family! And, I must say, at least your sister had an appropriate reason to be bleeding on Thanksgiving.

I had a houseful on Thanksgiving myself, and my son decided to show off his dwarf hamsters to our guests. I made a loud announcement to our guests that these little creatures are mean and will bite them, so keep your hands out of the cage. So what does the adult of my guests do? Not only does she encourage her children to try to pick up these evil little furballs, but she does it herself, and then gets bitten to the point of having blood running all down her hand.  ERGH!  :P

I have a good enough emergency kit in my house, but it would have served her right had I wrapped a maxie pad around her hand to staunch the bleeding instead of bandage. They work in a pinch if you have a good bleeder and no large bandages handy!

Good on you for bringing out the FAK and not the EDC pistol :) Maybe you got her to look a little deeper into her world, maybe prep a little bit without knowing it ;).  Sometimes, that's all it takes.

Must have been the weekend for "accidents".  My mother was down visiting for the holiday, tripped and ripped her ACL while out shopping.  Mom is, well, ........voluptous, Reubenesque, larger than life....bit large for her britches :). Anyway, she spend Friday afternoon in the ER and the evening doped up on Vicodin.  Wife and Sister-in-law helped her to the ER after a small crowd helped her into the Jeep.



I used to own those type of hamsters! Mine were nice though, but I played with them all of the time.

True maxi-pads do work in a pinch.

I think my sister learned hey I need bandaids and stuff, but also to watch where she grabs a knife! I got to rib her a bit for it. LOL


LOL the .357MAG stayed holstered. Though I think they know I have it with me, that or one of the 9mm pistols. Thankfully, I did not need to use that! Then I really would have stories to tell, ack.

But then again I try to get my sister on the gun band wagon. She is not anti, but she does not want to own one either. Anyway, at least bandages will be in order.  ;D


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