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9 Cool Catalogs for Permaculture

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The Useful Plants Nursery in Black Mountain, NC, sells some nice stuff.

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--- Quote from: msgrubbyfungus on January 21, 2010, 05:43:26 PM ---I would like to recommend Bob Wells nursery ( for fruit trees and berries. I’d especially like to recommend him to folks in the North Central and East Texas areas as I think his selection of trees and growing conditions work well for our climate and soil conditions.

I ordered several trees and berries (both bare root and container grown) from Bob last week via email and the whole process was one of the easiest ordering experiences I’ve had in years. I live in the Fort Worth area and Bob’s nursery is located in Lindale, Texas so I took a day out earlier this week to drive over and pick up my plants. The plants are all beautiful and Bob was a pleasure to meet; he invited me to look around his operation, shook my hand and thanked me for business on a couple of occasions. I’m not and “old timer” by any stretch but I left feeling like I truly was a valued customer and thinking “this is how business should be done”.

--- End quote ---
Thanks for the heads-up! His selection of Pecan trees is awesome. I've been looking to buy a couple Pecan trees, but wasn't sure if some cultivars were tougher than others. I will be giving them a call.

I can vouch for Miller Nurseries and also Richter's Herbs, too.  I have had good experiences over the years with both of them.

A really interesting one is also:
They have a gazillion of interesting seeds. The homepage is terrible but the service is good. Also, get them to send you a free catalog. It's really not pretty but the information is amazing. It's great for reference.


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