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SHOT 2020: Umarex's AirJavelin

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Umarex is owned by same company as Walther (PW Group).  This innovation is happening because of strict German laws on firearms.  Firearms are heavily regulated there but compressed air arrows are considered similar to toys. They even have self defense pistols which are air powered.  There is tons of information on them and their hunting and self defense uses.

In the US, it really started to gain popularity with the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow:

The use of CO2 cartridges as in the airjavelin is just starting.  The three main benefits are cost, ease of charging, and reduced weight   The airjavelin uses a manifold/reserved tank system, not just direct from CO2 cartridge.  So it has some temperature protection.  But, if one is trying to take quick multiples on a cold day, some type of warming would be highly beneficial like a hand warmer.

We can expect a lot of reviews coming out as first units just shipped.


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