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Endurance's goals and ruminations


I don't have a number.  Heck, I'd be happy if I could keep up with my wife who got both her CNRN and her Paramedic this year.  I will finish my fire academy in November of this year, so looking at next year, I'd like to focus on stuff dealing with the fire department and continue to work on building my new business.

Hazmat Operations (the last class I need to get my Firefighter I certification)
ICS-300 & 400
S-200 Initial Attack Incident Commander
S-215 Wildland Urban Interface
Some kind of building collapse training if it becomes available locally (it was offered last year, so it might be a few years before it comes around again)

If I find another weekend permaculture clinic, I'll probably take it if it doesn't conflict with anything else.

I'd also like to do a 100 mile hiking week, but would be ok with a 100 mile mtb week or 200 mile road bike week.  This is part of a larger fitness goal to bring more routine back to my workouts and do more whole body rather than just cardio stuff.  I might try to fit in an mtb race and maybe even a half-marathon if the year goes well and I stay uninjured. 

I'd like to clean up my diet a little.  No dramatic changes, just less eating out, less crap, more juicing and veggies. 

Take an advanced handgun class.  I've taken a number of basic and intermediate classes, I think it's time I advance to some more advanced stuff.  If the universe plays nice, I'd love to get my NRA Handgun Instructor's course, but I won't be going out of my way for it this year.

Finish my business plan, get a website up, and generate my first dollar doing wildland fire mitigation consulting.

Smurf Hunter:
Good stuff.

We have some overlap in our goals. 

I'll be wrapping up my CERT course next month.
I've already taken a handful of the FEMA ICS-X00 online courses
register as city volunteer
become active member of city EMCOM team (all the above are pre-reqs for this)

I'm letting my personal fitness go lately.  5 years ago I'd cycle on average 100 miles each week just commuting to work.  I had so many miles that I started signing up for organized century rides for fun.  Now my kids are older (8 and 10), and I find myself volunteering for their activities like coaching and leading scouts.  I enjoy it, but it's a time suck, and I just don't have 2 hours each day to road bike like I once did.  Now I walk/run with my dogs and take the stairs at work.  Not awesome, but I'm 15lbs. overweight and not 50lbs. I guess.  Diet could improve too.  I don't eat fast food or candy often, but in an attempt to scale the grocery budget further we've been eating more carbs and less fresh veggies than I'd like.  It's real easy to store what you eat when it's rice, beans and canned goods.

I'd also like to take an advance gun class.  I've taken nearly every "cheap" subsidized course our range has offered, including RSO certification last year.  I need to get over the sticker shock of spending more than the cost of a decent pistol for the fee though :(

Do you think I'd get anything out of CERT given my fire academy, EMR, and already having ICS 100, 200, 700 & 800?  I suspect there's tidbits, but I also suspect there'd be a lot of overlap with stuff I've already learned.  I like the CERT concept a lot.  I really wish more people understood it better because to me, it's like the whole original constitutional intent of the citizen soldier in many ways, just applied to other, non-military concepts.

I do need to get on my comms some day.  My brother is a HAM (not sure what level, but I know he has some crazy huge transmitter somewhere in his basement, but not sure what band.  He said 5kw, but he's prone to exaggeration) and I used to be into SSB CB really big time.  I've also worked around public service radios (150-174mhz) for almost 25 years, so I frequently know more than the FD "expert" (for the first 18 months I was with the department their simplex channel didn't work because they had all the radios receiving with a tone guard that was different than the repeater tone, thus they couldn't hear dispatch when using the portable to portable frequency.  They finally listened after I was able to look at their programming spreadsheet). 

Between 2003-2009 I was riding a lot.  Peaking in 2006 around 14 hours a week training and doing 24 hour racing (including a solo and a duo).  I've let that slip away and haven't ridden 100 miles since 2011, but I resumed trail running intermittently and hiking fairly regularly.  Like you, I'm about 15-20 pounds over what I'd like to be, but in general, I'm in shape.  What I've learned in the academy is just how much my upper body has suffered.  I really need to get back to doing Pilates 2-3 nights a week (just a basic mat workout) or yoga (although I do have some back issues that challenge me with yoga).  That combined with some more calisthenic-type exercise, like what the fire department offers every Saturday morning.  Ideally, something like 2 days a week on the bike for 60-180 minutes, 2 days a week trail running/hiking 30-180 minutes, Pilates 2 nights a week and a department workout once a week would be ideal with a total training time around 8 hours a week.

I've never gotten into the low carb thing.  I've read a lot on aerobic fitness and how just a dietary change to eating fewer carbs during non-competition times can help improve muscle efficiency, vascularity in muscle tissue, and overall performance, but I've never tried it.  I'm intrigued, but I've also always been a meat and potatoes guy.  Always.  It's a hard habit to change.   My primary preps are based on what I eat every day; Jasmine rice, egg noodles, potatoes (daily consumption is stuff I grow, but I store dried taters), and beef, deer or chicken (again, daily I eat the stuff I kill or buy, but I store freeze-dried hamburger).  I started juicing this year to improve my intake of nutrients I wasn't getting because I don't like eating veggies.  It has helped, but it requires my garden to be producing (which has slowed significantly and will stop soon) or a lot of shopping and I'm a 35-40 minute round trip to the nearest grocery store.  Excuses, excuses, but it's reality.

I was lucky and in 1988 went through ESI, a body guard school, and learned from the best, John Farnam.  I went on to the police academy, SWAT training, and other courses that gave me a very solid foundation.  In 2009 when I started carrying again (after probably 12 years when I wasn't carrying) I promised myself I'd take one class a year to stay proficient and I found that John was living in Colorado and his classes were readily available.  Yes, they run about $600, but not having to travel and put money into rental cars, airfare and hotels makes that a lot more reasonable.  That said, I haven't taken an advanced class since 1993 and it most definitely shows.  While the fundamentals don't change, when I've tried recreating some of the old drills from advanced classes, I'm awakened to how much those skills can erode.  I need an asskicker like John who will yell, scream and push me to my limits since I have no doubt, the real deal will be a whole lot worse. ;)

And we really do need to grab that beer next time I'm up there. :D


--- Quote from: endurance on October 28, 2014, 02:42:02 PM ---Do you think I'd get anything out of CERT given my fire academy, EMR, and already having ICS 100, 200, 700 & 800? 

--- End quote ---

I am thinking of taking it after I get the EMR out of the way. And I think the guy I am working with at the EMR class and a fellow firehall partner.. and who I talked into the Ham class... I think I can convince him to do a CERT class with me. Even if there is overlap, I think it is ok.



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