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Career advice for a high school grad


A friend's kid is a senior this year. Loves the outdoors, is an Eagle Scout, is a sharp shooter, and makes straight A's. He's leaning towards going into the Navy (SEALS or other specialties), or either going to a small college first. Has talked about becoming a police officer, being a part of a SWAT Team, that kind of thing. Think he would be a great biologist, as he likes the outdoors. Doesn't know for certain what he wants to be.
Anyone that's been in the Navy or the above professions, have suggestions? 

I am detective in a large police dept. I would recommend that the kid go to college. If he wants to pursue a career in law enforcement then he should get a criminal justice degree. Our dept. pays 10% more if you have a 4 year degree and requires a degree if you want to advance in rank.

Thanks ncjeeper. He's weighing his options. Still needs to take the SAT. Will likely go to a community college first.


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