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Help me designing new tools for EDC/Survival

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Being self-employed now, I make various stuff, maily historical replicas. But I also intend to make some handy tools for fellow preppers and EDC enthusiasts. Already have several in mind, some are inspired by ancient tools, others are new. But I'd love to hear the "vox populi" in this matter, so please, tell me what you miss in the tool market and I'll see if I can make that available for you and others to buy. Can be tool, can be weapon, can be multi-purpose.
I don't think there are any more survival knives needed, the market is quite full. Maybe some sort of parang or other chopping tool though.
If there's interest, I can make a special "TSP Limited" run of something, can even be numbered or named (I have letter and number punches). Sheaths and pouches are no problem, I do both leather and kydex.
Of course, you can also PM me with direct orders if there's something you already want and can't find any maker.

Thanks for your ideas!

I like multi-function single tools (I like multi-tools as well).  A tool should do several jobs well, but if you try to get too much going on it reduces the usefullness of the other tools.

One of the best forms of this kind of tools are my two favorites.

The camp axe/multitool  (hatchet with hammer and pry-bar built in).  Still functions 100% as well as any hatchet, but can also be used to pry apart frozen logs or breach a door if need be.

the other is one of my al time favorite tools, an old pair of fencing pliers, hammer, pliers, pry-bar, wire cutter all in a simple 2 piece tool. 

There are a lot of "Multi" tools out there that are just too weak for real work, or have so many functions that they don't do any 1 of them really well.  These two tools function absolutely bulletproof 100% for each function they were intended for.   

Just my 2 cents.  Can't wait to see what you come up with!



This good. 

This bad. 

My favorite old pair of pliers (Wish I still had the pair my grandfather had). 

Variations on these two tools would be the bomb.

Those are fine, but there's hardly a chance to make competition-capable handmade tools against these machined ones. I surely agree that tools need to be simple and rather do just couple jobs well, than many jobs wrong.
One of those I have in mind is inspired by a 9th century tool. It's usable as hatchet, cross-bladed hatchet, chisel, scraper, hoe.... depends on the type of handle you use. I believe it could get some attention among the preppers.
Also studying some 30years war tools, used by military engineers (Schanzknechts). Those are something between machetes, billhooks and cleavers, some also with handguards.

How about an adaption of the ATAX

Maybe a hollow handle for a handle to fit in(not for worthless junk) and at a more affordable price?


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