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I want to master 13 skills not just not just to touch on them.
1. Gun smithing(Worked for Legion 3 years).
2. Welding(Got certified 3G)
3. Gardening (In learning stage)
4. Trapping(This winter)
5. Canning (This fall).
6. Ham Radio (done have Extra License).
7. Reloading(Doing for ten years now).
8. Solar ( 100% Solar radio shack and BOL.).
Once I fee that I have solid knolage of what's on list I will expand.

Looks like a good list.

Thanks, I work I.T. for a Big County Hospital and Trauma Center coming of my second double shift this week and trying to get to the feed store to pick up planting potatoes and seed corn, living in south Florida we get to plant three crops a year if  you can find the time we get out to our BOL on week ends hopeful all goes well and we get crops in the ground on time. Good luck on your place sounds great we will keep you in our prayers.

Thanks for the prayers. 
Good luck getting those crops in the ground.  That is awesome you get three crops a year.


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