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I'm putting a few different kits together and really like the Rat knives for what they are. That being affordable folders I can buy multiples of for different kits. Currently I'm working on a hiking kit (thread in the outdoor forum) and a vacation kit for my checked bag.

I just saw they came out with a Rat 2 last summer which has decent reviews as an EDC, but I'm wondering if for survival/emergency purposes it's not better to get another Rat 1. The Rat 2 is much lighter, but not as strong and durable as the Model 1. For my purposes which is the better choice?

Honestly, I don't know.  What is the most extreme use you envision for this kit?  Making fuzz sticks for fire starting?  Rebuilding civilization?  :)

I carry a SAK for the multitool aspects and an Izula for more strenuous tasks.  I'm not going to baton a 6 inch log with an Izula, but a 2 or 3 inch log is within the realm of possibility.

I like the RAT 1 as well, but haven't bought a 2 to compare.  At the same price point, I'd look at the Zancudo as well.  I see the 2 or Zancudo performing well as a general use, fuzz stick, whittling, food prep blade.  I don't see any common folders surviving batoning more than once or twice.  A $200 custom folder might, but we're not in that market.

The Zancudo look nice, but aren't made by ESEE :( They've had an Izula folder preview on their site for a while, but nothing has come of it. The regular Izula are small enough that I'm not sure I see a point, especially with how much it would probably be.

Blade HQ had a video on their site of an Izula going through a railroad tie, so 2 or 3 inch logs wouldn't be a problem.

I wouldn't plan on having to baton with a Rat, but would use very small sticks if I did. If it wasn't locked it might hold up alright.

Technically, the RAT 1 and RAT 2 aren't made by ESEE/Rowen either.  They're ESEE designs made in Taiwan for Ontario Knives.  The Zancudo is also made in Taiwan (in the same factory IIRC) for another knife company.

The Izula folder has been a mythical beast for a while, but it looks like it's finally coming out.  It will be made in the USA by Rowen, but I haven't seen a price or an actual release date for them yet.  Pics of the prototypes are available on their forum.

Regular Izulas go for under $50.  I picked up one used for $40 on the ESEE forum.

Polar Bear:
I have both the RAT-1 and RAT-2 folders and will say that I find myself using them for different tasks.

The  larger RAT-1 I use more for splitting wood and cutting submarine sandwiches.  I highly recommend that you do not try to baton it through wood that is almost as thick at the blade.  (I messed up the liner-lock good on that one.  Luckily Ontario replaced without even a stern look.)  It's also very good with a ferro rod.  It threw some decent sparks.

If you want a modern version/substitute for the Buck 110 Folder, the RAT-1 is it.

The RAT-2 is used to spit palm frond stalks into kindling and I can see being able to use it to make feather sticks. (Still learning that skill)  It's not as good a chopper, but you can maneuver more with it.  If I was hunting squirrel and I had to use a folder to gut it, I'd use the RAT-2 for the job.

Just my humble opinion.


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