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OK, what swords or overlong knives do you have? Do you have pictures? What training have you taken (if any)?

I'll start out with the swords I have (not many). I'll have to add pictures later.

I have a WWII Japanese Infantry Katana that I inherited from a friend that he received from his Dad who received it from a WWII vet. It is not very fancy, rather plain, but it's sharp and a piece of history

My other short is more of a large dagger that I received as a groomsmen present at my brothers wedding a few years ago. It's good for show, has no edge on it and probably will not hold a decent edge since it's cheap steel (was made in India).

Tactical Badger:
Okay.  I'll admit it.  I have a couple of cheap katanas hanging around the house.

Do Kendo shinai's count? ;D

I'm not allowed around sharp objects.


I'm forbidden to have anything sharper than a piece of cardboard.
Just ask my wife

Patriot:Ex Machina:
I've got a couple of full tang katanas that set me back much more than I should've spent.
Not that they weren't worth it, I just didn't need to spend that kind of cash at 20 bucks.  ::)

I have a few broadswords that are more for show than anything else, and a Confederate saber that hangs above my mantle.

Well I have only two full tang swords. One is a short katana, and one is a straight samurai katana. Training? None. I just hope to swing it around alot and hopefully not hurt myself or friends. ;) Here are a few of my sharp useable weapons.  :D

This pic has my hunting knife, combat knife, and just fun knife. I should have included my survival knife but that is in my jeep. Might have to include it later.

Just closer up. full tang katana. I love this thing. Light weight, sharp as a Ginsu, and has a blood groove. If I knew how to use this I would be much happy.  ;D I will have to make do with playing with my bokken.


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