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Lock picking and bumping!


If anyone has any questions or needs advice on purchasing items I would love to be of help.

I am no pro by any means, however I was Operations Manager of one of the larger distributors in the US. Spent a few years demonstrating and selling products at gun shows, conventions, and similar situations.

Sadly I no longer work for the company, but I did retain my knowledge and love to pass on what I know.

If your just starting out or slightly intrigued by the oldest form of hacking, send me a PM or email.  pchittick at gmail

Here is me showing just how hard it can be to bump a lock under pressure... we didnt bother doing retakes. lol


Two things in my BOB is a 24" bolt cutter and an Alum. 18" off set pipe wrench. I can open most thing with those two items. You may also cut the side out of a pop can and cut a piece to look like a finger with a T at the top. You can slip most pad locks with that. Lots of U-Tubes on that trick. I also carry a cable lock for a weapon. After cutting a lock you may want to secure the gate/door for the night while you sleep.

     In my Midwestern state: "Possession of burglarious tools. Whoever has in personal possession any device or instrumentality intended, designed or adapted for use in breaking into any depository designed for the safekeeping of any valuables or into any building or room, with intent to use such device or instrumentality to break into a depository, building or room, and to steal therefrom, is guilty of a Class I felony". I have a 48" boltcutter, 36" crowbar, 8 ton come-along, highlift jack, hacksaw with both steel and diamond blades in my truck. Any one of which could be construed to be "burglarious" tools, depending on the definition of "intent" and the mood of law enforcement. However all of these have a normal, utilitarian use. A set of lock picks, shims or other locksmithing tools, without being a locksmith would probably get you locked up, at least temporarily and would also get a warrant to go through your home with a fine tooth comb, looking for stolen goods (of course they wouldn't find anything else of interest, would they?). I wouldn't have lockpicking tools in my possession, period.


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