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13 Skills for Mountain State Prepper

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Working on my skills for 13 Skills.   Quick entry today to get started, will detail things a little more.

1.)   CCW:   Training complete, application submitted.
2.)   Archery:  Bought the kid a bow, girlfreind and I are next.
3.)   Dehydrating:   On track, veggies, beef jerky both turning out goode.
4.)   Marksmenship:   Appleseed finished, no rifleman patch yet.
5.)   Food Storage:    Goal 6 months, have maybe 4 months.
6.)   Fitness:   Not sure how this is a skill, but added it.   Want to bike a 30 mile round trip.   15 miles is about my limit now.
7.)   Fishing:   Want to hone my fly fishing, something I have put down for about 5 years or more.
8.)   Gardening:   Trying to get a Three Sisters garden in this year.   
9.)   Beer Making:   Skill not started.
10.) Knife Making:  Skill not started.
11.) First Aid:   Skill not started.
12.) Water Catchment:  Skill not started.
13.) Barbering:   Straight razor shaving, skill not started.


did a 15 mile bike ride today, part of my fitness goal.   legs feel like jello.


CCW Complete!

See posts here..


So, I brushed up on some electrical skills this past weekend.   For the last two years I have been running my pool filter from a long (and expensive) 10 gauge extension cord.   I always had to pick it up when mowing the yard, and it never stayed in the outlet because of its weight.

I had bought the materials to do this over a year ago, and finally decided to get to it this past weekend. 

I started by digging a ditch about 45 feet long, pulling out way too many rocks, it took the most time in this project.   To be extra safe, I used both UL Listed under ground feeder cable (10 gauge) and 3/4" conduit.    I bought an all weather electric box with a GFCI outlet.

I was debating about placing the outlet box up on the deck itself, but felt it would be in too much of a "splash zone", so I set a post out about 3 feet, and mounted up the box there.

I put it all together.   You may notice the outlet i used here is NOT the GFCI outlet, that is because I have one already on the upstream side of the circut, so it would be redundant, and I've had issues wiring these fault outlets together on the same circut.

I was channeling my father throughout the work (he was an electrician by trade and taught me a lot).   The thing I'm proudest of is that I managed to get the sod back into the ground with very little grass dying off.

Hello from Wyoming County neighbor...good to see another Mountaineer on here.  Your electrical work looks really good from what I can tell.  I did some wiring for a temporary solar panel system install last summer but it didn't turn out anywhere close to that clean and neat.  My hat is off to you sir.  I did learn a lot about solar systems though if you ever need any help.

Take care,



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