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Can anyone recommend a strop?

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Can anyone with experience using different strops recommend a strop and strop compound?

I'm tired of dealing with knives that I always feel should be just a bit sharper...especially in the kitchen, there's nothing worse than rolling a knife edge over the skin of a tomato.  I'm buying the Work Sharp sharpener this month and I want to start doing this right, I want to strop my knives.

I'll be sharpening the entire set of kitchen knives, a spyderco tenacious, a mora, Ka-Bar Becker BK2....and whatever else I pick up in the future.

Any scrap piece of leather (rough side up) sized accordingly to the knife lengths you want to strop will do just fine.  Glue it to a block of wood and add a common jeweler's rouge.

I very much like the strop system from the-knife-connection, i find it works incredibly well fr me and the portability kit is quite nice

There are are lots of strops out there but i reccommend taking a look at this. I have ordered from them a few times and have gotten A+ service.

Hi All

I made mine.

I used a piece of vegetable tanned leather about 10 ounces thick.

Glued it to a piece of black walnut about 3" wide by 10" long. Smooth side up.

I rubbed 3 in 1 oil into it and then rubbed rouge colored buffing compound into it.

Works good for me.

I make my own !  Go to hobby Lobby and buy a bag of leather scraps or use an old leather belt and glue a piece of it to a wooden paint paddle.  Then go to Harbour Freight and buy a stick of their green metal polish (it looks like a big green crayon) and rub that into the leather.  Now you got yourself a nice strop.  I even made a small one to put in my kit by cutting a wooden 12 inch ruler in half and put the leather on the back of it.  Now I have a 6 inch ruler and a strop in my kit !


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