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I found this site several months ago and thought it was really impressive.

This guy will run a fixed blade through tons of torture tests and then rate them based on how they perform.  Not all knives are represented, but there are some good ones there.  =-]

The website seems to have mislinked pics and such, but the rating is what really gets me once you've seen what these things go through!

On my need-to-buy list definitely includes the Cold Steel Bushman.

Tactical Badger:
Holy crap YEAH!!!  That guy does some insane things to knives.  I was really impressed how well my Gerber LMFII did in his tests.  If I ever had to do the stuff he does to knives...something has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

I like the Cold Steel GI Tanto as a backup to my Gerber.  I HAVE to pick one of those up for my BOB.

Oh yeah, the GI Tanto was another one I was interested in.  Both are CHEAP ($).  =-]

The guy that started it deserves props -- he has really taken a beating on bladeforums and knifeforums for his Chris Reeves/Strider reviews (goes by Noss4 or something like that).  Keep in mind however, that his tests are "toughness" oriented, and don't say as much about edge retention, wear resistance, etc. 

That said, I had trouble making the decision to purchase a Busse, but his reviews (along with Cliff Stamp's--another guy that's got his fair share of critics) made it a little easier and pushed me over the edge.

He is the reason I went and bought that $10 Rough use knife on - I have used it and can personally attest to its ability to keep an edge and its usefulness as a survival knife.


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