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The Mighty Malaysian Parang


This post is to show off my mighty parang I picked up in Malaysia a few years ago.  I wanted to post a pic in this topic, but I cannot figure out how to do so.  Could someone send me a PM on how to do it?  Thanks!

On to the knife.  A picture is worth a thousand words....  This is a working knife I got at a camping store in Malaysia for about $6 USD.  The blade is 10 inches long with a width of 1 3/4 and thickness of 1/8 inch.   It has a slight curve to the blade so that in a chopping motion, the blade connects before the hand.  This creates devastating chopping power.  The jungles of Malaysia are woody so this tool is primarily used for chopping.

It also does a good job of splitting wood for kindling.  You can also use the curved edge for skinning, though I have never needed to do so.  Overall, this knife has replaced my hatchet when I am in the wilds.  The size of it also adds a sense of security when carrying it.  I will be traveling to Malaysia again soon and hope to pick up another with a 12 inch blade.  For the price you can beat it!!

Ok!  Thanks to everyone who helped me learn how to post pics.  Here is a pic of this amazing tool!

I like it.  What's the handle made of?

It looks like it'd do an excellent job of chopping.  I think I might need one. ;)

The handle is hard plastic and all one piece.  It does not absorb shock to well.  Mostly I chop wrist diameter wood and split leg diameter logs at the largest with it.  So, the shock from chopping doesnt bother me too much.  The steel seems VERY hard as it took me awhile to get a good edge on it.  Now I have an edge that I can shave hair off my arm with.  I have kept this sharp edge even after many camping trips.  At one time I wrapped the handle with P cord to reduce the shock of chopping.  It didnt work to well and I found I could use it better with out the P-cord.  So now, I have wrapped the sheath so I have some emergency cordage.  I am a lefty and I wish I could find a lefty sheath for it.

I have occasionally seen these on Ebay.  They are not as cheap as they are in Malaysia.  I already have orders from a few friends to bring them one when I go to Malaysia this winter.  I think if I stuffed a dozen or more of those in my checked baggage, security might raise ann eyebrow.  One or 2 I can probably "import" with no problems.  This knife stays in close proximity to my bed when I sleep at night.  Great knife!


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