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Checked Luggage & Pocket Knife/Multi-tool


Dirt Rider 3006:
This Saturday we are flying down to visit my in-laws in the Houston area.

I checked TSA and all looks ok to put my mini-maglight, folding pocket knife and my Leatherman multi-tool in my checked bag.

Has anybody else flown lately and put the same sort of things in their checked bag?

And if so, did you get pulled aside for a "closer look" ??


Red Dog:
It hasn't been a problem in my experience.  I've packed both folding knives and multi tools.

I had a knife in my luggage a couple of times. As long as it doesn't go the cabin you can check in almost anything - even firearms.

Earth Monk:
I was going on a mission recently, flying commercial. I had all sorts of goodies in my checked bags form folders to my Tomahawk. They prescreened my bags at that big X-ray by the check in counters and did not say a word. I know for a fact tehy saw the items, I was standing behind where the security operator was watching the screen and there was the hawk, side view, bigger than shit.

Now, I presume your trip is almost over, how was your go at it?



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