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Any containers/packaging we should avoid?

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I have a few aluminum baking pans, too... some 8" layer cake pans that I have had for many years and one old muffin tin Mom gave me when I went off to college :)

All the other baking pans are stainless steel, I think.

Regarding Teflon dangers, is that the only "coating" or are there any other safer brands?

there are several "nonstick" ceramic-coated pans out there now, but they don't really remain nonstick for long... Depending on how much you use them, their "non-stickiness" only lasts about a year or so. After that, they still work, but do stick more than they do when new... we have tried the OrGreenic pans and also the Blue ceramic coated pans and find that to be the case. Not bad, but just be aware that they will change over time. And, no way will they remain non-stick for 10 years, as they claim.

BTW, I think the soda cans have a plastic liner inside.


--- Quote from: Greekman on October 05, 2020, 09:54:21 PM ---BTW, I think the soda cans have a plastic liner inside.
--- End quote ---

Yeah cans are another thing I meant to ask about, because when I open food and pop cans I notice that some brands are just bare metal on the inside, but some others have got what seems to be a white lining, I wonder why?


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