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Miscellaneous side-effects of the COVID-19 situation

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Morning Sunshine:

--- Quote from: Hurricane on August 18, 2020, 03:08:52 PM ---As this mask business continues, it's going to change how we interact with people. So much of our facial expressions are now covered. Is someone smiling, or not? You need to smile differently for it to show in your eyes, too.

Also it's going to change how we evaluate a person's appearance. Is that girl pretty? Is that guy handsome? Harder to tell when all you can see is eyes and maybe hair.
Saw a girl at work, didn't look too bad, until I saw her without the mask. :-(

(maybe some clever person can come up with a mask smiley? )

--- End quote ---

you mean like this?

David in MN:
Super weird day at school. My kiddo is starting kindergarten and she's 50/50 in school and distance learning (because kindergarten at distance works so well). It took about 45 minutes to get the Chrome Book for her distance learning that I should have had last week but the school relied on survey data and didn't reserve the computers for those of us who requested them with the survey.

The more eye opening part is that I had to go to the "media center" to get the computer. While there the teachers were on a Zoom meeting in preparation for tomorrow being the first day of school. It was pathetic and pedantic. I've done kickoff meetings in the real world where we laid out responsibilities and got everyone grounded on tasks and made sure we wouldn't waste time and money. This was worlds apart. So bad that at one point an administrator asked everyone to hold up fingers. 1 meant worst possible case and 5 meant ready to go. Lots of ones. As in the school employees feel every bit as prepared as any rando off the street. Sad part is one guy proudly raises 5 fingers and when prompted said he loves teaching and can't wait to get back in the groove because this is his life's calling. I couldn't help but wish he was my daughter's teacher.

It is eye opening how disastrously unprepared they are.

David in MN:

--- Quote from: David in MN on April 06, 2020, 04:08:24 PM ---Here's a real weird one out of left field that's come up. Several years back I spent about $800 on a set of Powerblock adjustable weights that go from 10-90 lbs. I have a bench, kettlebells, battle ropes, a heavy bag, double end bag, Bulgarian bag, sledge hammer and tire, medicine balls, box jumps, agility ropes, and probably stuff I'm forgetting.

I did all this because I detest working out with other people. Public gyms are basically where women bench the bar and in between sets read and idiot guys collect all the dumbells so they can superset down. No thanks. Besides I doubt the local gym would let me do half the stuff I do.

One of the weird things I'm up to is discovering new workouts and exercises. My wife was VERY grateful after her gym closed that we had options. I have had friends text their jealousy.

I basically built an at home training camp because I like to work out by myself. Never thought it would be a pandemic prep. But to be able to burn off some steam with a variety of workouts and keep the mind focused is awesome.

--- End quote ---

This is getting stranger than ever. I can't speak for other states but Minnesota has had very confusing "on again, off again" rules for gyms. People are giving up on it and many friends are asking me about my training because I'm the guy who always did workouts which were unconventional. Now my slip bag, jump rope, kettle bell, and sledgehammer workout looks normal. My sister in law even asked to come over and try boxing my heavy bag. Her kickbox cardio class got cancelled and now she wants the real thing.

I always felt a little out of time because I was the guy who made a Bulgarian bag, used medicine balls, made box jump boxes, etc. I got hard into these oddball workouts in my 20s because lots of fighters (boxing, wrestling, and MMA) were deep into this stuff. If you want to see goofy training look at how boxers do rounds of workouts.

My wife added some step workout stuff and our basement looks like a training camp. I had to build a plywood shelf unit to hold all our goofy weights, kettlebells, bands, medicine balls, and other stuff. It's been a big transition for my wife who used to "need" group classes but now finds the freedom to do whatever you want at home is actually a more freeing option. And she got an online workout group for a fraction of the gym cost with all kinds of options that use our home gym.


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