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Miscellaneous side-effects of the COVID-19 situation

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--- Quote from: David in MN on March 28, 2020, 01:42:31 PM ---Some things are downright confusing. Like the retrospect of 'maybe we should have cancelled Mardi Gras' or 'when do we close the NYC subway?'

Other things are just bizarre like the state of California shutting down the courts. So in Cali you don't have a right to a speedy trial anymore and if you get picked up for some stupid misdemeanor you get to wait 60 days in county lockup?

Then there's how many hundred millions learning on the fly how to homeschool.

Yup, there's a lot of strange things that we are learning. I've heard people who are saying that handshakes are a thing of the past. Well we adopted the handshake to prove we had no concealed weapons. Us Germans click glasses because as our beers slosh into one anothers' glass to prove we're not poisoning anyone. Even the military salute is a standby from knights lifting visors (look at a Brit salute if you doubt). I think a lot of centuries old traditions might die out.

--- End quote ---

No-one waits in county lock up in California, even before this pandemic.  No Bail is needed, that would be so unfair to require bail.  What is going to happen is that they are not even going to get more probation for violating their last probation.

Of course, not even being picked up or moved on by the police is going to embolden, and not just in Ca.

True story from a few days ago in a west coast coastal area :  Some drugged out guy drives around the barriers into closed campground, the bathrooms are locked, so he takes off his clothes at some random faucet outside, he has soiled himself, of course.  Fecal contamination now, naked guy.  Law enforcement is called, no-one wants to touch him.  He is demanding stuff, he tells them he has the virus, which of course he made up, but he could have it and not know it or Hepatitis or any number of things.  So, he is demanding a 50 pound bag of dogfood and sandwiches before he will leave.  Eventually someone realizes that they might know where they can get dog food, so it is fetched.  Guy says, that's not 50 pounds, they convince him, it is the best they can do....they put the dog food in a plastic grocery bag on the end of a shovel and try and keep distance.  Of course, now they have an area with fecal contamination. 

This type of thing is why more rural areas all over are trying to discourage other people from driving there.  This is why the campground was closed. It is likely why my area was shut down as early as it was.  This guy was not from that area ( if he was he would have known where to go to get food and to not mess so much with LEO's who are usually more  enforcement orientated in that area.  The thing is, LEO all over is going to not want to be hands on enforcement, which means keep out all the extra crazies from other places, ie., inland people driving to the coast.  New Yorkers trying to go to RI, or maybe anywhere (?) etc...

We did hear of a couple young aquaintances who escaped Louisiana 11 days ago, they had been living/working there, but left all and drove cross country.  They are very responsibly self quarantining for 14 days somewhere with friends and will then go to their older family house once they know they are safe.  But, others will leave places and just go with no connections at the other end and no responsible actions

A few tidbits from a local crime blotter, so you can see that we just dont lock them up, well, if they kill someone we do, I dont know for how long though. 

This is obviously in California, in a relatively small city/county, this is part of what happened just last week.  do not let your area re-structure, pass a new law, claim they will only let non-violent criminals not do jail time -- their definition and yours is not the same for non-violent

There is one more of these, but I put it on the related to corona virus crime sub-thread as that one is for what even here would be "violent" these below are "non-violent" 

--- Quote ---A 32 year old transient was arrested and is facing charges that include possession of burglary tools, commercial burglary and conspiracy to commit a crime. He’s been arrested 4 times locally in the past 5 months.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---PD responded to some kind of altercation involving two males fighting in the lobby of Denny’s ------- ----. One man was possibly holding some kind of weapon. Arrested 19 times locally since 2015. We’ve been coddling this clown for the past 5 years. ........  Then around 6 hours later, -- PD responded to an alarm going off at --- ---- Pawn on ----- Street, where they saw the same guy jogging away with an antique black powder style pistol that he had stolen from the pawnshop. The 27 year old transient was again arrested for commercial burglary. Living up to his title!
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---PD responded to the 100 block of High Street where they arrested a 24 year frequent flyer on the County Shuffle for burglary. He’s been arrested locally 18 times in the past 8 months. He was arrested 9 times in one week last July
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Police responded to -- --- --- ---  Drive where they arrested a 65 year old man for making criminal threats, possession of a sawed off shotgun, and resisting arrest. This is right next to a pretty major intersection for --- ---- ----- His bail was set at $25K and he’s out of jail already. He was also arrested (and obviously released) 2 weeks ago.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---deputies responded to ---- ---- ---- ----- for a report of a roommate disturbance of some kind. When they arrived, they found one man who attacked another with a sickle of some kind. They also found methamphetamine on him. He was arrested but only for a few hours. His bail was set at $25K and he bonded out.
--- End quote ---

no better time than an quarantine emergency to have public gatherings to protest for your rights

I saw cell phone video of the patient local-ish PD trying to communicate with the homeless food distributors that they would need to leave soon, that the area ( a public fountain area) was going to be fenced off as it was drawing crowds.
--- Quote ---Well, they would consider it, but only if the new place was alot better.... They know their rights and no-one can make them disperse, this kind of unreasonable demand -- to move to a provided area that will allow 6 feet between each tent, abundant porta-potties, lots of hand washing stations, security, medical and social services provided, along with food, etc... -- is just more proof that this is a police state !
--- End quote ---
  Yes, the transient element is also entitled around here, even in an emergency.  There is no convincing even the people that say they are their "advocates" that the county is only trying to keep them safer during the disease outbreak. This must be where part of the federal money is being used in California. 

 I hear that in other areas the healthcare workers are being heroic, dong much with little, etc...And, it is a very tough position to be in in a pandemic, no doubt.

But, in this hospital the nurses walked off the job and the previous shift nurses just had to stay and work overtime to cover for them.  There is no surge of patients yet. I dont even know if that hospital has a COVID-19 patient yet, it might.  But, they violated the mass gatherings emergency law that is in effect, and no -one broke it up.  The article says they were standing 6 feet apart, but the picture shows otherwise.  Just doesnt seem the right way to go about this.

--- Quote ---The Watsonville Community Hospital said in a prepared statement that it is disappointed the union is more focused on distracting public displays than working with the hospital to prepare for a surge of COVID-19 patients. The hospital is also surprised that the union would organize a public gathering when they are discouraged.
--- End quote ---

My understanding is the central coast area is not slated to get a surge of patients for another 2 weeks.  Right now in California there are other denser population areas that need stuff NOW like the L.A. area.  It would be foolish to send extras to this hospital that are needed more elsewhere, and more stuff is going to be distributed later, and if there is a shortage, they wouldnt want to use everything up now too.

But, this part of California is all about the protests

I have increased a lot of the urgency in my homesteading projects. For example, i built a much larger chicken coup with a rain water storage unit. I also plan on building an outhouse by my livestock. I have been planning this because i was sick of having people with muddy boots come into my house to use the bathroom. I am on septic so in toilet paper shortage we will be in bad shape. An outhouse will be a cheap back up if we run out of toilet paper and have to use newspaper.

I think people are starting loosing it....and not just steaming off, i mean gradually slipping, the way real crazy oeple ar doing and nobody notices until the biog boom.

Most of the people i know are now edging on a conspiracy theory or another, even people who seemed serious or at least hid their beliefs well.

People are getting antsy on religion too. From the time ti was strongly suggest people abstain from any religious ceremonies and communion too, hard believers are getting angrier and louder.
There is a call to gather en mass outside the churches during the Good Days and Easter day ceremonies and pray ...


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