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A different way to store peppers


Thought I would post the way I store most of my peppers. 

After picking I Dehydrate them until brittle.

Then I use a old coffee grinder (Don't really drink the stuff)

Then store by jar, or vacuum seal.  This way you can add them to almost anything.

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Citizen Zero:
That's a nice haul of peppers! With the weird weather in WA this year, I got a pretty decent crop of them even though I was not expecting it.

I have a batch in the dehydrator now as well, but I am storing them whole in a mason jar and will grind them as I need em.

On average I am getting about a hundred a week.(Cayenne peppers)  the only thing I will do differently next year is not plant them so close next year.  Most of my bell peppers look like Jalapeno's, and can be extremely hot.


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