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The Wilderness:
Hey guys Jim Rawles has a link over at the to a deal on foodsaver model v2830 for $$59.99. Here is a clip from his site. I bought one for us and another as a Christmas present. These are nice ones, not entry level ones. Don't forget to put the code in on the last page at checkout otherwise the cost is $99.99.

The Wilderness

Just a few days left! More than 400 SurvivalBlog readers have bought Foodsaver vacuum packers at the special December sale price. We get a little "piece of the action" for each one that is sold. So this a is a great way to save money and to support SurvivalBlog! Don't miss out on this sale! You can buy a FoodSaver v2830 for $59.99 (originally $169.99) with free Standard Shipping for orders over $100, directly from code L8FAV28 at checkout. This offer is valid during the month of December, or while supplies last. By buying foods in bulk and re-packaging them in more handy (single meal size) vacuum bags, you can save a lot of money on your grocery bill. Buy a FoodSaver. You'll be glad that you did!

Can you use your own bags for this or do you need proprietary bags?

Sister Wolf:

--- Quote from: Hraz on December 18, 2008, 10:56:30 PM ---Can you use your own bags for this or do you need proprietary bags?

--- End quote ---

You can use your own bags.  They come with two rolls of the bags that you can home-make with the food saver, but you could just as easily use the mylar bags that potato chips usually come in.  Or you could cut the top off of ziplock bags and use those.  :)

the one The Wilderness bought for us is awesome.  We've used it to save marshmallows, reseal chip bags, save a couple of dinners, store dried raviolini in (it also comes with a couple of canisters, and the hose to suck out all the air), and I've put home made bread in a couple of bags and sealed them in without crushing them (that takes a little practice, though ;) ).

I whole-heartedly recommend these puppies to anybody and everybody!

I don't know what's up, but I just tried to use the code & it tells me it's not a valid promotion code.

A huge +1 for food savers in general. I've got 2 and love 'em.


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