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A good bolt action .22lr?

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I actually just picked up a Ruger American Rimfire.  I had been looking for an affordable bolt action .22lr and came across the American.  I like the feel of it and it has an excellent trigger out of the box.  Plus, as was stated above, it accepts 10/22 magazines which everyone has lying around  ;D.  The stock does make it feel a bit cheap but I just prefer wood furniture over synthetic on most applications.  I know that I was very happy with $240 out of the door.

Gulo gulo:
I have seen an eight year old girl at three Appleseeds put maybe 1000 rounds through an American rimfire like a champ. She just needs to grow into it a bit more and maybe put tech sights on it and she'd be a little Annie Oakley. I will own one of those rifles one day.

Savage Mark II FV-SR

Very accurate
Great Price
Factory threaded for a can


--- Quote from: patrat on April 19, 2010, 12:15:26 PM ---I have a savage mkII that I really like. My only complaint is the standard sights.... I can't really use em consistently. Once scoped, its a dream. One day I may trade it in for one with factory peep sights.

--- End quote ---


I've got a Marlin 980 I picked up for about $220.

I used it in an Appleseed shoot, which was WAY too much fun.
Everybody else had Ruger 10/22s and they were just pulling the trigger, while I was working that bolt like crazy! But still was only 5pts away from shooting Rifleman.

It's accurate as $hit. Get a boltey.


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