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Need Canned Wheat, Rice, Beans or Oats?

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To those that don't already know, there is a great resource for quick and cheap #10 cans of the following staples:

* Hard Red Winter Wheat
* White Rice
* Pinto Beans
* Quick Oats
The cans are sold in six count cases and are free shipping!  Prices are very reasonable and this is a great starter resource for the beginner prepper or a great short term goto for "experienced" preppers.

I have purchased a number of cases from them and have always been pleased.  Without further ado, I present to you:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Distribution Services Home Storage  (Also known as the LDS Catalog)

I am not a member of the LDS church, but I certainly respect their commitment to preparedness. 

Hope this helps some fellow preppers!

Great source.  The price ($30.50 for 33lbs of hard red winter wheat) is very good, especially with free shipping.


very good post!!    Great product and pretty quick shipping.  Only problem is if you are trying to be "gray" is that there is writing all over the sides of the shipping box.  Only a problem if that is a concern to you

Thanks for posting, too bad they don't have a better selection of items.  Those staples are easy and cheap to store in 6 gallon buckets.

Just about any place that sells this type of product has their name emblazened along the outside., Mountain Brook Foods, Honeyville Grain.... My UPS girl and half a dozen FEDEX folk knows what is going on at my house.  Her I'll let in, the others....not so much.

My best friend sent me a huge box with BioHazard stickers all over it.  I got asked about that one :)

I kinda like those big "Extra Absorbency Adult Diapers" boxes I get at work :D


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