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Dehumidifier Review
« on: August 21, 2010, 08:02:16 PM »
Recently I purchased a dehumidifier from Home Depot. One of the things that became evident to me about this purchase was that it could help out in a emergency. Dehumidifiers work by acting like a miniature A/C unit. If you have enough humidity it acts like am ice cold soda. Water condenses on the exterior and is allowed to drip down into a collection bucket. This is an awesome idea for collecting water in a drought or water problem.
What is nice about this particular model is the features it includes. The best thing I like about this is that I am able to hook up a regular garden hose and attach it to the unit. This allows for near continuous drainage into any container of your choosing. What this means is that you could quite possibly fill a 5 gallon Jerry can over the course of several days depending on the humidity.
The second feature I like is that it comes with a filter. Some people are worried that the water in the air will bring with it some kind of toxic dust or mold, and that it would hurt them to drink the water. First of all, if you have a separate water filtration system then this is virtually not a problem, but this unit comes with a filter. What that means is that as the air passes through the unit, it passes through the filter, and therefore any unwanted particles are kept from the water bucket or hose. On top of all that, the filter can be cleaned by rinsing it with water.
I also like the fact that this unit is an energy saver. That means it can run longer on a less amount of electricity. I would love to test to see how long it would run on a back-up power supply. If you have solar power then this allows for near continuous water supply. The fan is not that loud, and it is only 35 pounds.
The unit also has auto shut off features. This includes: 1) 2 hour or 4 hour auto shut off, 2) Bucket full auto shut off, and 3) programmable humidity detection shut off. This allows you to control when the unit is on.
Based on what I have seen, this is a great product for finding water. In other regions this might not be such a great thing, but when you are in the South and the humidity is high, then taking it from the air is a very sensible task to undertake.
Finding water is a very important survival skill and one everyone should learn if they want to survive over a week’s time. Of all the ways to obtain water – this is mentioned very rarely if at all. If the water is there in the air around you then it would be foolish to not try and obtain it.
Obvious drawback to this unit is that in a power outage it will not be able to do its job, and without a power bank, generator, or solar power it would probably be wiser to use what energy you do have for other things. Water can be obtained in other ways, but this is a nice convenient way to collect water without too much effort. The unit cost about $170 from Home Depot. I think this was a good price for what you get. I think it should be a part of your preps if you are looking for a way to help obtain water.