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August 2020 California fires -- Bay area edition

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Glad to hear you are making progress... I lived in NOLA during Katrina and can remember the sight of refrigerators at the curb outside of nearly every house waiting for disposal. Surprisingly, our refrigerator and freezer were not ruined. Our house was on the same power grid that got power first, since they ran the rescue efforts out of the military base only a few miles from our house. We had power back on in the house in 8 days. When we finally got back, the frozen food was no good, but it was all frozen solid and just had to be thrown away... no putrid smell in the refrigerator/freezer. Plus, I cleaned a lot of things out of the refrigerator before we left, knowing it would likely be no good by the time we returned.

I had a lot of freezer jam in the deep freezer, which all had to be discarded... that was actually the last time I made freezer jam, opting instead for the shelf stable stuff :)


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