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August 2020 California fires -- Bay area edition

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Goodness MM. I just opened this thread.
Stay safe and well. Do not over extend yourself from worry or work.
Yes, I know thats hard to do.

holy sh** ... hope you're safe now?

Morning Sunshine:
I saw you posted tonight.  What is your status?  Are you able to be at home?  How is your neighborhood?  A lot of looting going on?  News is ... spotty at best and untrue at worst.

I left the fairgrounds on Saturday, so I was there a bot more than 5 1/2 weeks. 

I have not heard of any looting in this neighborhood not after that first looter in the first week that was shot at and arrested, my house was not looted.

I am not realy at home at home, kind of camping out here.  Everyday progress is being made, being on the property has helped with that.  For example, today I got internet ( cable company) hooked back up to the house only because I walked up to 3 cable company trucks parked on break and asked them how I would know when it was reconnected, and they said "that house ? " "yep" "that comes from that pole over there ( by the 2 burned to the ground houses) ?" " Yes, it comes thru an underground under the road conduit"  They ran a new wire under the road and connected to my house and then one of the guys came back to the one room where I have power, the studio, and verified my reconnecting.  Who knows how long it would have been otherwise.  Same thing a week ago with electricity, I happened to be on site ( not staying here ) when a power company truck drove by, he saw me in the driveway and stopped and backed up and said, " do you have power ? (no) You want power ( YES!!!) "  There is no central place that I know of to check if it has been turned on I guess the system is you call in and complain you dont have service, but there is no way to know if you should have service that I can tell.

I have various electrical issues.  Could be the solar system is dead or maybe only damaged, cant tell yet.  I have damaged circuits, things shorted and right now most circuits in the main house are not working, I am in a long line of similar people needing some degree of electrical fixed.

I had water delivered to the damaged water tank and have 3 100ft hoses connected together getting it out and down to teh yard by the house and garden, but I have to go up and turn on the valve once a day, water some, fill up chicken water and 2 buckets then walk up and turn the valve off again.  Goats are at someone elses house, 5 chickens are here and my 2 cats.  I keep moving the cats between the studio and the trailer --

I am using the trailer for refrigerator and stove and washing up water.  I am not cooking to save on trailer batteries ( water pump) The batteries and water I brought in the trailer tank are doing better than I thought on my miserly use. I had forgotten to get wire to hook up solar panels and have been busy, so havent done it yet, today I bought wire

Neighborhood is a bit surreal, lots of trucks here work trucks, this week it has been Cable company running the new lines on the new power poles and the ever present tree companies felling all the dead and burned trees.  I have 8 in my front yard marked "P2" ( no idea why it is P2) that means they will be cut down, they just go onto people property and cut them down and I think take them away and I still cannot figure out how to tell then to not take mine, I think I will need to post signage.  All of the associated tree people and their traffic control cadre claim to have no knowledge of how to contact higher ups or how to say you want to keep your trees ( fire wood) same for contesting a tree removal, there is one of mine, a live oak, that is not dead, so I am trying to see ( in my spare time) how to contest it.  I may spray paint over the mark, but the one intelligent tree guy says they have a list and will then see I painted over it.  I told him Im getting too old to chain myself to a tree. 

The county is stupid about rules, they seem to think you either lost everything or have everything but realy most people are in the middle, so it is hard to get a well guy as the county sent an email to all the licensed well guys saying not to touch anyones wells until level one hazardess waste removal has been done.  Which in itself is stupid beacuse you would think you would want to cap off that water before things are disturbed that could get in.  And also alot of properties, like mine, are not slated to have any level one hazardous waste removal done.  So I am trying to convince a well guy to work on my well.   My pump and electric have had the drop pipe and electric melt off and fallen in, this is very common.  It is also very common to have melted water storage tanks.  I am lucky in that my well is old and my well casing is steel and not plastic like the new ones.  If mine was the new style, the top of that well casing would be melted and then they would have to take off the concrete aroudn the well and some how repair the casing.  Go for the metal casing people, realy, so much easier in a fire. Also, I do not have the new "sanitary" gasketing they do on top, as that would have likely melted too.  My well just has a metal plate on top and the weight of the pump keeps it is place, works well

The house itself had an "air cleaning" done some kind of hydrogen peroxide mist then HEPA, charcoal filterd, I seem to be able to breath inside it now without an asthma attack.  The mold from teh refrigerator was a big air quality problem.  I had someone take the refrigerator away to the dumps a few weeks ago, but it still smelled.  You will not be able to buy a refrigerator for along time in this country I think, there were an awful lot of tossed refrigerators. 

Tomorrow I hired someone to help me take stuff out of my house to do laundry.  A local non-profit has set up a mobile laundrymat in a truck, 5 large capacity laundry mat front loaders and 5 dryers.  It will be in my part of the mountains right now at the schoo, I have a2 hours block of time tomorrow. 

My house needs to be cleaned, and I need to set that up still, but I somehow dont think that will be easy with no water.  but the residue from the fire needs to be wiped and vaccumed up .

This room the studio has actual smoke damage, looks like smoke or fire tried to come down into the room from the insulation/space above the ceiling that had vents to the outside 4 feet from my barn that burnt to the ground.  The 2 windows facing that way have cracked glass and even though they are wood windows, they have plastic slider inserts that help make a better seal for the windows and that plastic melted. 

So, plastic melts or burns quicker than wood

Wood fences are like kindling

Morning Sunshine:
Thank you for the update.  Sounds like you have come out of this fairly well, considering.  I am glad you are able to be on location so often.
Let me know how I can help.  I sent you a PM.


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