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USCCA/Delta Defense or other legal insurances?

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Sounds interesting for short money too.

I've been a member of Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network for years.
They back you up with a million-dollar (and rising) fund to fight legal tangles from self-defense shoots, and they have local lawyers in all 50 states.  They're prepared to drop $10,000 on a moment's notice to get a lawyer on retainer when you have a self-defense shooting.

They send you new training materials -- DVDs and books -- every year from top-notch self-defense and legal experts like Massad Ayoob, Andrew Branca, Marty Hayes, and Marc "The Animal" Young.  These guys know what they're talking about, because they are expert witnesses at self-defense trials, and are expert firearms and unarmed self-defense trainers.

I think I've gotten my money's worth, and they've not had to defend me legally (yet).

Also, I have no pecuniary interest in ACLDN-- just a very satisfied customer.


Thanks. Your the first person I've found that is a customer of one of these types of companies. Thanks for the info

CR Williams:
I'm also with ACLDN and am quite satisfied with their service. One thing I like about them is they provide ongoing reference and education material.


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