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USCCA/Delta Defense or other legal insurances?

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Does anyone have any experience with USCCA/Delta Defense or any other legal insurance type companies? Whats your opinion on the services they provide?


Been thinking about this too.   The legal cost benefit alone could be worth the money.

The Spartan Dad:
I like the concept of membership legal defense services although it's a shame they are needed. We are joining a homeschooling legal defense association after reading story after story about gov harassment that has been stopped cold by their lawyers and I've been looking at CCWSAFE for self-defense. Sounds like maybe an HOA one is needed after reading some of the recent threads here...kidding...kind of.

From what I can tell (not to be taken as correct), CCWSAFE will cover you legal bills fully, with no cap, as well as your spouse for the same price as USCCA covers just you for a cap of $300k. I also like that CCWSAFE will cover you for any self dense act where you felt your life or others were in danger, not just a shooting or even a firearm involved (you can be unarmed, etc). You need to have a legal permit though if required by your state which probably helps their liability. I have read on other forums that they have not actually defended a single case in court yet but I don't know if that's true.  Though this may be a huge pro mark if they are taking cases and preventing them from going to court. I don't know and would also like hear of anyone's experience?

Here is a good comparison chart on the different services:

CCWSAFE sounds interesting I hadn't heard of it before.

I've had this same question for a while now. I waited years to get my CCW because I'm honestly more afraid of all the legal BS and possibly going to prison than I am of just being killed. If any of these companies actually deliver I think it's worth every penny.

I'm still not carrying yet (but soon I swear!). Just waiting on some extra funds to buy a handgun I can actually hide on my skinny little body, but one way or another I'm getting some sort of CCW insurance before I start carrying regularly.

CCW Safe seems like a better deal... Maybe... More research is needed... And I'm still trying to get some legitimate reviews from people.


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