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I like the wall idea. Personally I feel like best is to have it on you. try to figure out the most comfy way to carry? The kids make it tough though. I am going to have the same issue soon. My first kid was born last month. :D

Lots of options, most are not secure.  Do you live somewhere that has a legal requirement for locking up guns (or cps takes your kids away) or is it just the practical issue of your kids and their friends?

Best combination I came up with is any concealment method that fits the room for an unloaded AK/AR, and then a biometric pistol case near my chair with a loaded pistol and the rifle mags. 

In the end, because of all the Facebook posts and internet traffic about such furniture, there is not much benefit anymore.

All the ready made stuff has been so circulated that they are recognizable to many you would want to hide it from, and their existence is so common knowledge that even custom made items will likely be scrutinized. So what you are left with is slowing yourself down from accessing your weapon.

A holster on your hip will always be the best solution.

I have four kids and all of them have been taught about firearm safety and know how to operate a firearm at some level.  However I will always keep guns behind a lock or on my person for some of the reasons already mentioned.  I don't want my 12 year old showing off to a friend...I also think of my soon to be teenagers and the emotional roller coaster they will be on.  I don't want at any time the option available to them to use a firearm without my supervision.  Think of the depression/anger issues everyone goes through during those times without fully developed cognitive functions.  I really like the idea of the RFID safes for the quickest access, but concealed carry is probably your best option.  I also second Carl's suggestion to harden the home. Non-lethal options can be hidden in such a way as Jack mentions on the show and kept out of the reach of kids.  If they do get into the bear spray at least they'll learn a lesson without injuring or killing their sibling or a friend.  My two cents.

When you are in the house, have a spot above a door way for the shotgun, carry your hand gun and the rest in the gun safe.

When you go outside to the garden or chickens or what have you, the little kids either go with you or you put that shotgun in the gunsafe before you do so.

In my family, the 12 year olds and teens were quite old enough and trained enough to have something out they could access for self defense. Kids raised with this should know it is not a showing off thing to do. But, if you are not sure at that point, certainly put the shotgun in the gunsafe when you are at work or away for the evening.


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