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I'm considering purchasing some kind of weapon concealment furniture in order to facilitate quick access to a firearm in a home invasion/burglary scenario. The idea is to put it in the room where we tend to spend most of our awake time. I have a couple young kids so a locking mechanism would be a requirement.  Some of the items I'm considering:

More than likely I'd like access to a semi-auto pistol or a tactical Remington 870.

Quick access and secure from young kids seems almost entirely mutually exclusive.  There is one solution I know of that can likely handle both, but I don't think the 2 you posted qualify.  I'd be very, very careful getting any of those options with kids in the house.  The magnetic lock is not secure at all - all it takes, really, is any powerful enough magnet to unlock.

The only solution I've seen so far that handles both quick and secure access is something like The Gun Box with an RF ring/wristband or biometric fingerprint reader.

Maybe there are other suggestions out there I haven't seen, though, so please post if so.

The only way to do meet your criteria that I've been able to come up with is to conceal and carry on your person at all times, even when home and relaxing. Breaking into a home takes seconds. Fumbling for a key will get you killed in that scenario, and reaching one of the other pieces of concealment furniture will take equally as long if not longer. As for the safe from kids when you're not there, as previously noted, a maglock isn't really secure. A safe is.

A typical metal lock box that you un-lock when in the room,
EDUCATE THE KIDS, (even my dog knows to leave the gun alone)
MOVE to a better area?


--- Quote from: Carl on May 26, 2015, 02:27:25 PM ---...MOVE to a better area?

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Home invasions happen in the better areas.

My children were all taught about firearms at a very early age.

Strapped on is the only way I know to provide easy access and security.


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