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NH residents keep an eye out for my cousin


Louisiana Suvivor:
So my cousin will be going on an LDS mission soon to the Manchester area. He is flying to the missionary training center in two weeks then off to NH. Any TSP community members that see him try to make him feel welcome. He's from northern California so it is going to be a great two year experience. He'll be Elder Fransen. Go ahead and let him know his cousin in Louisiana gave y'all a heads up.  ;D

Jeff NH:
Neat. Send him this link

This is a calendar that keeps track of all of the liberty related events. Sounds like he'll be in the area for liberty forum.

If he signs up, post something here. Liberty forum costs money but in general most of the other events on the event calendar are free/social events.

Louisiana Suvivor:
Cool will do. This'll give him some ideas about things he can do on his day off. Thank you!


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