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Selling and moving west!


Hello all! Just wanted to post a link to the home we are selling in Western MA. We are starting a new chapter in our lives and it begins in the South West. We are looking at Arizona closely at this point. Pass this link to anyone looking for a small homestead here in New England. It is a great, efficient home. Thanks all and have a great holiday!

Morning Sunshine:
this was on my mind a lot while I was in Upstate NY

and this one.... I had a whole 90 minute tape (remember those?) of it over and over for when I got homesick for my high mountain desert home...

anyway, pretty place you are leaving... you sure you want to make the move?  It is so different culturally than New England; sometimes I think I had a bigger culture shock going from Utah to upstate NY than I did from the States to Italy.  Not trying to rain on your parade, but a cross country move is a big deal

A few years ago we had a business that let us see the country in an RV full time.  We spent most of the time at trade shows on the west coast.  We really loved the four corners region and most of Arizona.  We are both certified in Permaculture and are looking to help people harmonize with the land and decrease the water demands that are out of control out there.  We love the vastness of the west and do not really fit in culturally here for the most part.  Sometimes it is a little tough living in a very liberal state when you want to be free...  Thanks for the links, I will give them a look!

Morning Sunshine:
<nods>  I get that.  Which is why as much as I love New England and the green trees and the snow and the red/orange/yellow trees and the water and the trees, I will not be moving back there.

I would love to take an RV trip around the country.  The kids and I have got it all planned out... just need to get hubby on board :P

oh and the links are songs, nothing important, just "Go west" :)

I guess the home sold. The URL is down.


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