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Paper mill in Millinocket Maine goes bellyup



Great Northern Paper files for liquidation, shattering hopes that its last mill would reopen in the Millinocket area, once the heart of the state’s industry.

Frugal Upstate:
Oh no!  That is sad.  Paper mills stink like boiled cabbage (I went to college in Orono and when the wind was right. . . ), but they provide lots of jobs.

I think all the Maine paper mills are hurting. The mill in Lincoln hasn't recovered since the boiler blew. So many of these guys live beyond their means, with loans for four wheelers, snowmobiles, trucks, campers... A lot of people are going to be in trouble.

We've lost a lot of paper mills around here.  Too expensive to keeping them operating with all the regulations.  Who needs paper?  Computers decrease the amount of paper needed don't you know?  Who needs a mill job?  Taxpayers will pay to send them back to school don't you know?


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