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Plants with Multiple General Uses


A couple of plants which are relatively quick growing and have multiple uses are 

Flax : uses include

1) Rope making - weaving & bradding
2) Clothing - Linen
3) Paper - parchment
4) Weaving : Walls - both external & internal; flooring - matting.  Roofing.   Clothing
5) Cooking : Cooking baskets for use in earth ovens like hungie's & umu's  (Maori & Pacific Island cooking methods)
6) Fishing :  Traps & Nets.     Fishing lines.
7) Hunting :  Snare Traps - for rabbits & other small game.   Bow String,  Casting Spears
8) Glue from sap.

Bamboo: uses include      ( certain types of bamboo are classified as pests, here in NZ )

1) Building frames, growing frames, weaving frames
2) Hunting & Fishing tools - ie rods, spears
3) Torches
4) Furniture
5) Construction tools - with flax rope can used to construct turning lathes.

Plants may have other local names in the US or elsewhere.   Or there may be plants with similar characteristics

Please post details of other plants and and  possible uses


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