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Boston Event: Paradise Lot: Growing an Edible Garden Oasis



 This is a permaculture event in Boston whom a friend I used to work with alerted me about.
The guy giving the talk was the roomate of Eric Toensmeier who has written what appears to be a number of classic books in permaculture and the book "Paradise Lot" was mentioned in a TSP episode and highly recommended by Jack as I recall.
Anyone is going let me know, I will definitely try to make it ..

 - evening of Thursday April 3rd


"Paradise Lot food forest is coming to Boston! Join Jonathan Bates as he gives a presentation about his famous backyard food forest based in Holyoke, Mass. Jonathan’s talk will focus on perennial vegetables for our region, soil building, plant polycultures, and food gardening in small urban spaces. Get answers to your questions about working with poor soil, little sunlight, and New England’s growing season from his years of experience."

Hundreds of people tour Paradise Lot each year and there is even a New York Times article about it.;

Did anyone go to this? I really want to go see his place


 I didn't make it, but a friend of mine went.

 I have to go to NorthHampton Mass for a job interview on Monday. It's about 1.5 hour drive out there.
 I found some permaculture websites for stuff based out that way,
 nothing so far that looks like an obvious easy to drop in unannounced  and see type situation.

 Here's another even out in Holyoke Mass next weekend, this time with Eric Toensmeier. Eric wrote some books that seem to be very influential in permaculture. I might possibly go, but I am trying to find a job and have been putting tons of miles on my old car going to interviews and the occasional needed get away to the BOL, so I am a little sensitive to driving all over the place and this is 1.5 hours away from where I live.

I need to get down to his place to check it out, I ordered plants from them this year and look forward to starting some of the food forest stuff on the property.


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