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Jeff NH:
Unfortunately no Jack this year but there will be plenty of others from the TSP community banging around if anyone is interested in an informal meet up.

Feb 20th - 23rd in Nashua NH

The NH Liberty alliance (newhampshirelibertyalliance) is auctioning off a VIP pass to the event on e-bay. Thought about posting that link but it seemed to border on selling outside the swap meet sub-board....

I will be speaking this year on gardening in NH.
Ben Falk is also speaking this year.  I am looking forward to his talk.

I work at a small private school here in NH.  We are bringing a class of our high school students to see Jeffery Tucker speak at Liberty Forum.  8) 

Jeff's got a new thing going at I think... He's always entertaining and educational...

He always delivers a great speech.  I figured his topic was a good one for this bunch of teenagers. 

Ten Ways to Hack Leviathan
Every system has a flaw. Liberty lovers can find the flaw in the system and dramatically improve life through creativity and ingenuity. The state is not as smart as you can be.


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