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Martin Blank:
Hello TSP brothers and sisters in Region One.
    I have a question, and I need your help. A friend of mine is moving to CT. She has several rifles and handguns, I have heard that all new residents must surrender their firearms to the police upon moving to CT? Is this in fact true or a myth. I am asking for your help because I cannot seem to get an accurate answer from anyone.

                                                           Thanks in advance.

I don't see anything in the Connecticut Law Library that would require her to give up her firearms, unless of course they meet their definition of an assault weapon.  There may be some permits she has to follow through with if she wants to take a handgun out of her home for example.

FAQS REGARDING P.A. 13-3 as Amended by P.A. 13-220


Many firearms which used to be legal in CT are not any longer. Many that were grandfathered in were owned in CT prior to the new laws being passed. I would suggest s/he contact the local gun rights group before she moves there.

Martin Blank:
Thanks everybody, not so simple an issue....

Bit late on reply. Not sure if friend moved yet but your information is not completely true. The new banned "assault weapons" are not allowed in the state. Assault weapon is a misnomer we wont get into here but basically any semi auto rife with any feature other then a standard rifle stock is not allowed. Features like flash suppressor, pistol grip, collapsible stock etc is banned. Rifle is not allowed into state but is not required to be surrendered just not allowed into state. Pistols are not allowed anything other then stock set up. No mags greater then 10 rounds, rifle or pistol.
State sucks these days and getting worse by the month. Current governor is mouthpiece for Obama. I swear that liberals float liberal ideas in this state before going national.
I'm stuck in state at moment with family and business but I would not recommend anyone move here. Taxes are high, state is financially broke and people are moving out. Population has been decreasing over the last few years as well as jobs.


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