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The last time I was in Worcester was for a Blue Oyster Cult concert at the Centrum in '83.  Time flies.  I was last in Maine in 1986.  It's just now occurred to me that I don't go anywhere.  Since I don't go anywhere I'm researching solar shingles as my roof needs to be replaced in the next few years.  The Fed is offering a pretty hefty tax credit (dollar for dollar reduction in your tax liability) for solar installations.  I'm a builder and trying to get a dealer-type arrangement with Dow.   Basically, I'm trying to get a roof at cost that I'll install myself which, in theory, should pay me back something.  Get me a well and an underground propane tank and I'm off the grid completely.  A brother can dream...

Oil Lady:
Springfield. :)

I have family out in the Berkshires and should get out to the western part of the state this summer.  Ordered a dual band HT radio which I'll need to figure out.  I have no radio experience and the learning curve will be steep.  Plus I have another ham test on the 28th (General Class).  I guess I'm a glutton for punishment.  I'll probably take another (Extra) exam in July or August then I'll never have to take another test again.

Seradeen Pepper:
Hey all I am on the south coast as well, Taunton area.

I garden, sew, knit and can my own food.

Good to hear you are sticking with it AdamElk.

Hey SP, et al.
I've kinda fallen off the canning wagon lately though I know I should be doing more of it.  I'm almost out of last season's green tomato relish and sweet and sour pickles.  I canned a bunch of chili in the pressure canner too.  Over rice it's pretty good.  I passed my General class exam and can now access almost all the HF bands on amateur radio.  Of course, I have no idea how.  I was amazed at how many old white dudes were at the last radio club meeting.  Just kidding, I wasn't surprised at all.  I don't do much prepping in the summer unless you count gardening but as soon as a cool fall day hits I kick it into high gear.  The tourists are clogging the Cape and we're doing what we can to maintain our collective sanity.  Cheers, and 73!


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