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Regional plant exchange


Was in the garden forum and came up with an idea.
I am looking to start a regional plant exchange for people that are thinning out  their garden or have extra seeds to swap trade or help out a fellow neighbor can do so. I know i would much rather trade with someone here then give my money to home depot or lowes.
For example maybe someone can come help you for the day thinning out you raspberries in exchange for a few of the clippings
Or maybe you have allot of chives and want to swap some for rhubarb or extra seeds.
It could all be barter based
Just a few ideas let me know what you guys think?

I like the idea. 

Count me in. Anyone need raspberries?

I may be able to put something together in mid April or mid May in Manchester NH.  I will need to check on availability of a location.



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