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type 56 SKS. I complete tore this weapon down , removed the barrel from the action. Re-set the head space, re-crown the barrel 11 degree match grade and install a flash hidder to protect it. Installed Murray spring firing pin set in the bolt, completely rebuild the trigger assembly with a Murray Kit (Hammer, Sear, Trigger Kit & Hammer Sear Spring) and tuned it. Bedded the stock & pressure points of the action. Then re-finished the rifle in a baked on Moly color OD Grey, SOCOM Black & camo the stock & cheek pad. The Optics is Nikon P223 3X32mm with Waren Rings & Red Bird dust cover/mount.

groups are 5 shot @ 100 yards at my home range with Brown Bear 125gr. SP

2nd SKS is a Norinco, I done the same tore it down completely and done exactly the same as the above SKS. I re-finished it in Baked Moly  color Matte Grey with SOCOM Black. The stock is an Arch Angel finished in a Navy Digital Camo. I replaced the rear sight with a Williams Fire Sight Peep and a fiber optic front post. I re-built the trigger with all Murray parts & the firing pin spring kit.

These two SKS perform like new and are dependable. Both are far more accurate than they were.

I feel this thread needs more evil black rifles from other platforms.

Here is my Ruger Mini 30

My new can on my M&P15-22.


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