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Encrypted MURS Voice Communications?

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As an ex grunt I would be willing to spend the bux to see how well it works and how quickly I could break it. Let me know when you have working models

Would this encode/decode on the fly in "real time"? or would it have a delay?

If this system receives a long data burst, then decodes the audio for a delayed playback, then there are likely to be human error problems.

An undisciplined user will have to get used to making very short transmissions.     If a person talks for 15 seconds, during which time the other radio is receiving the data, then the receiving decoder de-crypts it, and then begins the playback of the 15 seconds audio...then the 2nd station turns around and replys,   the turnaround time for a conversation could have to endure 30 -45 seconds of dead time after every transmission.

Its very likely during the long wait the original sender will get anxious, and resend their audio, clobbering the returning radio signal! this will lead to radio chaos, unless all transmissions are very short.  Very similarly, simplex repeaters are hard to get used to.

Hopefully it will be real time system!

Hopefully you got my PM about the radio... I think you are just the person to run that by...

With that said, it is my opinion that THIS IS JUST THE PLACE to think tank your ideas and market them. 

Now my $0.02, MAKE IT WATER PROOF, at lest equal to the Yaesu VX-7R in that it could handle 3m for 30min...

I agree with Master Guns.

Way back in the 80's they told us we had 30 seconds to talk.  Any longer than that and the soviet DF station had a fix and the rocket barrage had already sent enough ordinance to level a grid square.  They did not like us.   ;D

I can't imagine how fast they can lock onto you these days.

Encryption draws attention.  Once you are on the radar you are toast.

Stay under the radar.   8)


backwoods_engineer  is a big boy and I am sure he can defend himself just find but I will just restate once again

we aren't trying to hide from anyone with radar, or hell anyone with DFing gear whether that be .gov or some high speed survival minded HAM with a love for fox hunting....

We all (or at lest we should) know that the government can listen to cellphones hell they can even key word search down range... so if SHTF and they were out to get every survival minded family it wouldn't be hard no mater what communications device you used....

With these accepted facts before us, let me ask you this, would you rather call your wife on a phone or call on the local HAM repeater or over ch19 on a CB and say the S has hit the fan, start packing I am on my way start packing our BOV and BOBs and load the guns and put your foil hat on because they are after us.....

We are talking about privacy not hiding from big brother as ODAs roam the back roads waitting to call in CAS on the members of TSP....


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