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California CCW: Anyone got one?

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Wondering if I could get some feedback from any Californians who have been successful in getting concealed carry. 

I live in the county that supposedly issues more permits than the rest of the state combined, but after looking at the application packet requiring letters of reference, statement of need,  intensive background check, 6-12 month wait, etc., I'm not eager to put all that effort into it only to get shot down and then have to report being previously denied when I apply again in the future.

And, no, moving is not an option.

In my county in Cali the sheriff put out a statement that could be summed up as "if u want it come get it"

Still tHe processors is a hassle and the papers are still at home yet to be filed.

I'm in San Bernardino County and the papers are gathering dust as well.  Where are you, if you don't mind my asking?

Shot you a pm ;)

Dangerous Dan:
I did some work for a musician here in Nashville that just moved from Cali.  He made it sound like it was easy to get. Maybe you need to have your "manager" file the paperwork for you and tell them your an entertainer.


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