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« on: January 06, 2009, 08:24:35 PM »
Our next IGOLD (Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day) event will be held on Wednesday, March 11th.  It's an all day affair in which we come from all over the state (of IL generally) and meet in Springfield, march to the Capitol Building, and lobby our Representatives about the Second Amendment.
There will be buses leaving various sites all across the state for anyone who doesn't want to drive to the event. (You can also get there by train, of course)

If anyone is interested in attending this event, please go to:, click on "forum", scroll down to "Illinois Politics", then scroll down to "IGOLD '09".

There will be links to several cities where you could board a bus for the trip. There is also a "schedule" of the day's event.

I hope some of you will attend. I realize that it is during a week day (have to catch our Representatives while the House & Senate is in session and they are in their offices), but, PLEASE consider attending to support our Constitution and the Second Amendment.