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So what should WE in NE do in the winter??

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I hope you don't mind a Michigander adding to your Region 1 discussion...   ;D

As previously mentioned, winter is a great time to get all your indoor preps done, as well as beginning to research for next summer's outdoor preps. I know I'll be researching starting a garden, so I can get an early jump on things in the Spring. I probably should have done some prepping on this in the Fall, but it didn't happen that way.

My biggest piece of advice is to get OUTSIDE and do stuff. Scope out your neighborhood on snowshoes or x-country skis. If you have a woods behind you that you consider part of your prep resources, get out there and explore that in the winter.

Work on a project outside, maybe cutting some trees or making a bunch of sandbags or whatever. The idea is that in a SHTF scenario, there's a decent chance it will happen in winter, or extend into winter. Acclimating yourself to embrace winter rather than pseudo-hybernate through winter will be the biggest skill you can give yourself.

Try winter camping. Even if it is in your backyard for an overnighter. If you have a Bug Out Bag, make sure it gets adjusted for this season. That space blanket from Walmart will be woefully inadequate during these months. A backyard camp out will give you the chance to evaluate your shelter, and your clothes, for this.

Hope this helps,


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*Just stats for myself, currently living in Enfield (Thompsonville, YIKES!), renting, and living on a very modest income. The fiance and I are young, debt-free, and she's semi on board with the whole survivalist thing.

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Hi - Were you involved in the community garden by the fire house by chance? 

There is a good anthropological argument that the long winters of northern Europe actually helped a minority group more or less conquer the world. Be that as it may, Winter is NOT idle time! You think, build, plan and just keep on keepin' on! I think Donald nailed it in his post; get out in it. You aren't far from the AT and a bunch of world class woods. Go get to know it in all seasons! Yeah, I'm biased. Like a lot of Hoodlums, I think that being confident, competent and comfortable with basic living skills makes you a better survivor regardless of the circumstances or local. A complete utility shut down in the N.E. is nothing for a confident winter camper. It's just a break in the daily stuff. Also we are more exposed to a  real dangers like "failed transport" scenarios in snow country. I've had long talks with the Socal desert rats about it. We snowshoe hares are something like thirty times more likely to face that in a given year than they are. Do a local conditions "Threat Matrix" and use your new understanding to guide your training. Then get out there and train.

Q: An avalanche shovel is to snow county what a machette is to________________.


Muddyboots, From NY's southernteir snowbelt and New England.

Winter is a great time to learn new skills and plan for the spring. My wife is learning to make the biltong, we bought a Country Living grain mill and will be grinding our own grains and baking with them, ice fishing... Its a great time to heat the house up cooking and canning the spagetti sauce for use during the summer. It's a good time to get your home made wine going and bottled. There is a poultry show at the Big E in January or February that is a lot of fun. Get as much indoor stuff done as you can so that you can be outside when the spring comes!


Drink lots of beer.

(hey, we gotta stay warm...)


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